Helpful Links

Once you're here, the awe of it all recedes (My tide has yet to rise, but that's because I am a cynical New Yorker), and you start to feel the bewilderment or the need for anglophone conversation... check out these links. Some have been a real godsend.

AAWE - Association of American Wives of Europeans
A very highly regarded organization, which hold many events of all sorts. They have a well known Holiday Bazaar, their main fund raiser, and an Annual Gala. I believe it is mostly volunteer based. Has good affiliations. Membership fee.

A good resources to find other English speaking families in your area of Paris and its surroundings. They provide support and contacts for parents. They are also a volunteer based organization. Membership fee.
You will find a wealth of information here. Once you get past the archaic website (I'm tempted to volunteer my husband's service but I don't if he would appreciate that), you'll find valuable facts about everything imaginable regarding France, its capital, legal stuff, working, healthcare, etc. It's become somewhat of a bible for me. - British Mums
This saved my life! I had heard of this website back when I lived in New York. My husband had joined a few groups but I didn't follow it much, until I felt miserably homesick (same day as my post Out & About in Paris) and found this group, British Mum & Babies coffee morning. They are a group of Anglophone mothers (currently 104 members), mostly here for the long haul or temporarily, who are in the midst of sharing the same experiences of living in France. They organize meet-ups almost every week from yoga, music, in the park play-dates, or just getting together for coffee. Friendships will certainly blossom here with a sense of community. Through the general website, you can find other Paris based groups for anglophones, but this is the one I've participated with the most. NO membership fees!

...And more to follow as I discover the unimaginable resources available here.