Good Reads!

Whether you're contemplating the idea or your mind is already set on coming to the land of arte de vivre, the following are a few suggestions to check out before making the leap. I also posted a link to one of my favorite resources to buy books, Amazon.  

Almost French  
by Sarah Turnbull 
This is my most recent read, finishing it a few days apres arriving. It has some very insightful looks into the French. Trust me, some of these facts, the French will refuse to accept, as one did when she read it. The book is not about how they see themselves, it's how they are perceived by someone who is trying to adapt & fit into their society and culture... at least that's in part what I got out of it. The other part is a lot of humor with the author's personal account into her new life and new love in Paris. A must read.

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French Toast
by Harriet Welty Rochefort
I laughed from beginning to end. This author has quite a particular way of retelling her own adventures of love, culture & food especially too much of a good thing in Paris. I read it a while back, when the move was just a little seed taking root in the depths of my mind. Thinking of re-reading it as soon as our things arrive from the US.

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Harriet Welty Rochefort Website

Au Contraire: Figuring out the French
by Gilles Asselin & Ruth Mastron
My husband and I came by this book while roaming Strand bookstore in Downtown NYC. It was a used copy which my husband began reading instantly, and gravely urged me to read in order to understand him, his family, and his whole culture better. I resisted relentlessly, and even had little arguments as to why I hadn't read it yet. When I finally did, when I wanted to (yes, I am that stubborn), there were a lot of things that I learned. I realized that a lot of our differences which I just attributed to personality were really cultural. This book doesn't just explain the French, it points out the How's of the French and the How's of the Americans, and How they are different.

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