Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Fashion Must!

No Parisian should be without one, or almost Parisian (as I am since I technically don't live within the city limits, and not because I am American) It is the biggest must-have item. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has one regardless of age, religion, race, or gender. An accessory that comes in a gamut of colors, patterns, styles, even some in patent leather. Oh La La! It's not a beret (way past that l'èpogue), nor a Hermes bag (not affordable to everyone), nor a Chanel something (although I'd really like a pair of one of their amazing sunglasses), but... a trolley, a.k.a. bag on wheels.

Back in New York, you only see little old ladies pulling them along, filled with groceries. They are usually metal and squeaky. And only in the outer boroughs, I have yet to recall seeing one in Manhattan. Anyway, these things are everywhere here. I can’t step out into town for a baguette without seeing at least 6 or 8. Of course, you can see the little old French lady with one, tugging it along the narrow slanted sidewalks, but … you even see the big sunglasses-wearing-sleek-blonde-past-her-peak- French-model towing one behind her catwalk strut.

At first, I laughed but then it got me thinking... they're onto something here, and its not the fact the French can make anything look chic. Nevermind the different varieties or the ridiculous prices some go for (I saw one for 165 Euros online, absurd), it definitely has a utility. The thing I initially scoffed at ..was now appealing to me. I wanted one!

There are so many to choose from, it was overwhelming. In the end, price won...15 Euros! I ain't that crazy to pay more than that. If I was, my husband would... make me return it. I can only imagine what the leather one cost. Imagine if Louis Vuitton made one from it's signature motif. Hmmm.... no, no, no... not that crazy. Anyway, I used it yesterday for the first time, and I am in love. Faire les courses (grocery shopping) is such an ease. No more sore arms and/or neck from heavy bags. No more tipping over the stroller with the ginormous reusable grocery bag when my daughter leaps out of it. Now, I simply drop off my munchkin at school and strut into town with my little fiery red roller. I may not have runway experience but I can work it. Life just got easier.